Down that’s actually durable, powered by Diamond Fuse

Earlier this year we celebrated the latest technological innovation from our partners at Pertex®: Their new Diamond Fuse technology.

We started infusing this tech into our award-winning Helium Rain products for its ability to add abrasion-resistant durability to waterproof shells. When the benefits became clear, we began to think outside of the box: How else could we apply Diamond Fuse technology to strengthen more of your favorite outdoor gear?

The answer was simple. We took one of the most important, yet fragile types of outdoor apparel – down insulation – and decided to see what type of a difference Diamond Fuse could make.


A rock climber wears the Helium Down Hoodie.

How does it work?

Pertex developed Diamond Fuse technology as a unique way of improving the durability and abrasion resistance of fabrics without adding any unnecessary weight.

Diamond Fuse fabrics use yarns with unique diamond-shaped filaments that actually lock together to create a durable and highly abrasion resistant fabric. This engineered structure allows these fabrics to remain very stable over extended wear and washing.


Of all insulations used today, down provides you with the greatest warmth for the least weight. Its pitfall is that down jackets are typically more fragile than others. When seeking out how to make a down jacket that is tough, while remaining lightweight and warm, we looked at the textiles protecting that down insulation. Maintaining that light weight while increasing the durability breaks the normal compromise between delicateness and down warmth.

Diamond Fuse’s structure allows the shell fabric to be so lightweight that it doesn’t compress the structure of the insulation. Plus, that exceptionally durable and abrasion resistant fabric protects the down from escaping through nicks and tears in the fabrics. That’s right: No more duct tape patching your beloved down jackets.

The results of combining down insulation with Diamond Fuse create a much stronger, more weather protective, and equally lightweight fabric that performs outside just as well as in our lab.

A paddler wears the Helium Down Hoodie.

Meet the new Helium Down Hoodie

All of this adds up to our all-encompassing solution: the new Helium Down Hoodie available for all genders. This style is equipped with waterproof Diamond Fuse fabric on the head and shoulders – the same fabric used in those best-selling Helium Rain products we mentioned earlier. Combining the durable lightweight Diamond Fuse shell fabric and reinforced Diamond Fuse weatherproof panels, this is down jacket you’ve been looking for.

When down gets wet, it compresses its loft and lowers the efficiency of its warmth-to-weight ratio. That’s why we found the key to extending the range of your down jacket is to protect the areas most susceptible to wet weather – those shoulders and top of head – with a durable waterproof fabric. This allows you to head into worse weather with more confidence, not having to trade warmth for weather protection.

Outdoor Research uses the name Helium to speak to our most durable lightweight apparel and gear. Discover the entire Helium Collection right here.

A rock climber wears the Helium Down Hoodie.

Explore the entire Helium Down Collection

Explore some of the key features in the Helium Down Collection:

  • The Helium Down Jacket and Helium Down Vest both use the all-over durable lightweight Diamond Fuse shell fabric that protects the down within.
  • The Helium Down Hoodies weigh just under a pound, with the Jacket and Vest versions shaving off even more weight.
  • Each of these products use responsibly sourced insulation certified by RDS standards. Learn more about the Responsible Down Standard right here.
  • All products are equipped with 800+ fill down. Still figuring out what that means? We demystify the nuts and bolts for you right here.
  • And of course, all Outdoor Research products are covered by our Infinite Guarantee®.

Nobody should have to pick between delicately warm down and a durable jacket that can withstand normal wear and tear of the outdoors. With the help of Diamond Fuse, you can start to eliminate that decision and win with both.


Photos: Forest Woodward