Durable Warmth with Sustainable Materials: VerticalX™ ECO SR

Learn all about VerticalX™ ECO SR, and why you need it on your next adventure.

You already trust 85% recycled VerticalX™ ECO for its weather-resistant, superior warmth-to-weight ratio. Now, you can get the same performance with even more loft, softness that feels like down feathers, and a new blend of sustainable materials with VerticalX™ ECO SR.

Debuting this new technology is the Shadow Collection – the synthetic insulative superpowers of VerticalX™ ECO SR, available in a vest, a hoodie, and a pair of mitts. The men’s and women’s Shadow Hoodie truly paints a picture as to what sustainable outerwear can look like: Incredibly plush with loft and softness, naturally movement-mirroring stretch, and of course, the warmth and resilient weather resistance you expect from the VerticalX™ family. Add to that: Style that can blend in seamlessly into the city while performing on the trail, for our best versatility and comfort both on and off the mountain.

So, what makes it so great? VerticalX™ ECO SR insulation is just as breathable and stretchy as our best-selling synthetic insulation VerticalX™ ECO, we’ve just managed to add even more loft without adding any more weight – or bulk. Just as compressible as ever, this vertically-lapped technology still insulates the wearer even when wet... and, it’s got a few other environmentally-friendly tricks up its sleeve.

We named VerticalX™ ECO SR to reflect its ingredients:

  • VerticalX™ is the Outdoor Research-owned synthetic insulation for lofty, lightweight, and breathable warmth.
  • ECO was added to our VerticalX™ name to celebrate its sustainable material makeup of 85% recycled content. Now, when you purchase synthetic insulation from Outdoor Research, you’re making less of an impact on the planet, and reducing waste from the landfill.
  • The S in “SR” stands for Sorona®, a renewable bio-based fabric known for its durability. More on that below.
  • The R in “SR” represents REPREVE®, a fiber made from recycled plastic bottles. More on that below, too!

Sorona®: ECO-efficient fabrics derived from nature.

Derived from nature, and designed for performance, Sorona is a partially plant-based polymer that brings high-performance, sustainable fabric to ECO-conscious adventurers who want more out of their outdoor gear.

Bio-based Sorona is a renewably sourced 37% plant-based fiber, using 30% less energy and emitting 50% less greenhouse gas as compared to the production of nylon from non-renewable resources. Simply put: Apparel made with Sorona fabric enables people to look good and feel good while doing good for our planet.

REPREVE®: High-quality, certified recycled fiber.

Repreve transforms recycled bottles into a fiber used by the world’s leading brands to make athletic, fashion, and outdoor apparel. Their process embeds important qualities like wicking, adaptive warming, cooling, and water repellency among others right at the fiber level for reliable, durable quality.

With billions of plastic bottles going into landfills every year, Repreve is helping everyday people do something about it: Putting to use these materials that would otherwise be considered waste. Discover what Repreve is doing, and see exactly how they make the recycled fiber you’ll find in our VerticalX™ ECO SR insulation.

Partnering with sustainably-minded fabric suppliers is just one step of many that we’re taking to ensure greater social responsibility. Learn more about our commitment to all people and the planet.

Altogether, VerticalX™ ECO SR provides you with the insulation you need for unreliable, unfriendly environments: More loft without the weight. Down-like softness. Recycled and renewable content.

Discover products with VerticalX™ ECO SR, beginning with the Shadow Collection.