Two members of our advisory committee take our new climbing apparel out for a spin at Smith Rocks.

Technical outdoor gear beyond sizes XS and XL is long overdue. Shop our new plus sizes.

More sizes for more people are available now. You can now shop Women’s Plus Sizes up to 3X and Men’s Extended Sizes up to XXXL in a range of technical outdoor clothing, from base layers to rain jackets and beyond.

It’s long overdue, and we owe deep gratitude to our advisory committee and other folks in the outdoor community for providing invaluable feedback throughout this process.

Our team has done a lot of listening this year, says Liz Wilson, VP of Product. And asking questions. What exactly do people need? What brands are outdoors people buying in extended sizing? Where are they finding good products? Not so good products? What will make their outdoor adventures more comfortable, help them perform better?

The answer quickly became clear: There’s a void of technical outdoor gear in sizes beyond XS and XL. There may be a plethora of knit tops and knit bottoms. But knit leggings aren’t designed for mountaineering. Or snowboarding. So we went to work.

An Outdoor Research team member working on a new plus size item.An Outdoor Research team member working on a new plus size item.

“We really wanted to focus on a technical layering system,” Liz says. Chatting with advisory committee member Sam Ortiz made that obvious. Ortiz, a plus size climber and mountaineer, said she sometimes has to choose between being warm and being dry—because the technical products available in her size don’t fit together as layers.

Working with a company that performs fit studies on thousands of bodies, we’re standardizing a fit—which is no easy task. “Every body is a little bit different,” Liz says. Being able to take that data and then also work with real people has been key. “We've put this product on both professional fit models and our ambassadors so we’re assessing not just fit, but function—guaranteeing that these pieces will truly perform for all athletes and adventurers, regardless of size,” she says.

Getting measured to make sure the jacket hood fits perfectly over a helmet.Getting measured to make sure the jacket hood fits perfectly over a helmet.

By collaborating with that diverse group of fit models and athletes, we’ve honed an array of our best-selling technical outdoor gear in sizes XXS-3X. You can now shop:

Trying on Outdoor Research's new plus size gear.Trying on Outdoor Research's new plus size gear.

But the most exciting part for us is that this is just step one. No one should be held back because they can’t find technical gear in their size. So we aim to keep learning, sharpening our skills and doing better.

Stay tuned this summer to get to know our inclusive sizing advisory committee, Sam Ortiz, Megan Banker and Bennett Rahn, and sign up to get first notice when new products drop.


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