Quinn Mason


Born and raised in Seattle, Quinn Mason has led a life steeped in climbing since the very beginning—from annual summer trips to City of Rocks to weekend trips to Vertical World Climbing Gym with her family. At age 7, she entered the world of competitive rock climbing, and has trained, competed, and thrived in the sport ever since. She’s competed all over the country and the world and has been a five-time Youth National Climbing Team member and a World Cup qualifier. But the thing she says she’s most proud of is sticking with climbing over time. As the pressures of elite competition often take a toll on young climbers, Quinn has aimed for a lifelong relationship with the sport.


Professional Accomplishments

5x Youth National Climbing Team member

2020 US Open Bouldering

The Project - New River Gorge, WV (13c)

Churning in the Wake - Smith Rock, OR (13a)

Mirage - Ceuse, France (13a)

Trick of the Black Hat - Red Rocks, NV (v9)

FountainHead - Red Rocks, NV (v9)

Moonraker - Bishop CA (v8)


Passion Project

When not training or climbing herself, Quinn works with the Vertical World Climbing Team as a coach and mentor. Beyond climbing, she enjoys painting and photography as modes of creative expression.