Hometown: Bellingham, WA
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Chris Tretwold lives in Bellingham, Wash. He can often be found snowboarding at Mt. Baker and kayaking the rivers of Cascadia. His escape from his expected farming life in Whatcom County, Wash., to become the expedition whitewater kayaker and snowboarder he is today began on a plank with four wheels; Skateboarding pushed Chris to find his own way, which—when combined with partying—led him to a lifestyle focused on fun and adventure.

But it was class five whitewater kayaking that piqued his more recent interest in challenging and exploratory outdoor adventures. Chris has been humbled by his experiences in the mountains and rivers of the Pacific Northwest.

The camaraderie, hard work, “oh-shit” moments, and breathtaking places he has visited continue to charge his desire for raw outdoor experiences. He is no longer the skater punk he once was, but you can bet he’ll still be blasting the Dead Kennedys on the way to the mountain.

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