Nothing about the nickname long underwear conjures up inspiring smells. The very idea of wearing a layer underneath all other layers may give folks the idea that it’s buried for a reason. Yet in reality, not all long underwear – or base layers – are created equal. Sweat is unavoidable. Smell, on the other hand, can be controlled.

So unless all of your friends are going in on the latest scent for adventure enthusiasts, do your camping comrades a favor and choose a base layer that neutralizes odor.

The Outdoor Research Sequence and Essence Collections are the anti-odor apparel assortment that will earn you a “best tentmate” award. These next-to-skin pieces have an important job in your overall layering system: Their blended fabrics keep you warm without letting you overheat, and they wick moisture when you do start building up a sweat. So long, smelly cotton.

Here’s what you’ll get:

—drirelease® polyester and merino wool blend dries quickly, wicks moisture, and breathes when you’re working hard uphill.

—FreshGuard® controls odor, even after weeks of wear.

—Flat seam construction that minimizes chafing and increase mobility.

—Trim, first-layer fit hugs your body and makes layering up easy on extra cold days.

This fabric isn’t created using a blend of polyester and wool threads – each thread is actually made up of 88% drirelease® polyester and 12% drirelease® merino wool. This composition makes these pieces even warmer than 100% wool products, without the itch, and they will dry four times faster than 100% wool. Plus, drirelease® wool is machine washable, unlike many of its counterparts.

Let’s not forget the funk factor. FreshGuard® and drirelease® work together to absorb moisture and quickly release it through the fabric and into the air, which actually inhibits the growth of bacterial odors. FreshGuard® works forever, meaning that their odor-neutralizing superpowers last as long as your base layer does.

With so many features packed into such a lightweight and versatile piece, these layers are truly the perfect base complement to your entire backcountry layering system.

The Sequence Collection for Men include the following products:

Men’s Sequence Tights: Cozying up at camp or layering for an alpine push, the Sequence Tights will give your legs the extra insulation you need to stay comfortable and in control.

Men’s Sequence Boxer Briefs: Keep things tidy and funk-free with your new favorite pair of underwear.

Men’s Sequence Short Sleeve Polo: For the campfire-to-cubicle weekend warrior who needs a shirt that can function equally in work and play, the Sequence Polo bridges the gap (and masks the sport stench).

Men’s Sequence Long Sleeve Crew: This crew neck can pass as a comfy lounge shirt, but performs well under pressure – and plenty of top layers.

Men’s Sequence Long Sleeve Zip Top: Long sleeve warmth with a zip top for a few extra inches of protection so you don’t have to sweat next time you stick your neck out.

Men’s Sequence Duo Tee: Short sleeve airflow with poly-wool softness gives you the best of both breathability and warmth worlds.

And for the ladies, the Essence Collection is made up of:

Women’s Essence Long Sleeve Zip Top: Trusted long sleeve warmth and moisture-wicking performance so you don’t have to sweat the steep stuff.

Women’s Essence Tights: Underwear warmth extended to your ankles, perfect for bitter tent-bound days or layering with climbing pants to tackle your next 14’er.

Whether you’re gearing up for a two-week backpacking trip, embarking on a frigid day hike, or planning any type of cold weather adventure, choose the base layer that’s anything but basic.

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