When you head into the backcountry, you crave the off-piste solitude, the big mountain landscapes, and the chance to chase partners to the steepest untouched slopes. Backcountry skiers have a few distinct styles, and today we’re talking about Freeride Skiing: Bomber durability for the harshest environments. Whatever your style, and however you like to explore the backcountry, we’re here to get you geared up for the season ahead. Find your favorite backcountry style in our Fall 2018 Ski Collection.

Enduring wet, cold, and predictably unpredictable weather is simply a rite of passage for you as a devoted backcountry skier. You show your dedication through putting up with miserably soggy climates, because you know better than anyone that all that precipitation adds up to deep, deep powder. You’ve learned firsthand that patience is always worth the payoff, but until that bluebird moment, you need the gear to keep you a little less miserable during the waiting game.

That payoff is exactly why skiers like Outdoor Research Ambassadors Rachael Burks and Zack Giffin flock to the slopes of Mt. Baker to shred in their favorite style; Freeride Skiing. Steep lines, deep snow, and remote backcountry terrain get Freeride Skiers stoked on the solitude of big mountain landscapes. Freeriders are descent-oriented and seek strong and powerful skiing in aggressive terrain – qualities that their gear needs to match.

Burks and Giffin are no strangers to big mountain weather, and like any experienced outdoor aficionado, they’ve learned to adapt to their environment. Luckily, the Hemispheres Collection makes that a little easier.

This bomber jacket and bibs pair takes staple skiing features (like waterproof, windproof, seam-taped protection) and adds a kick of stretch to fulfill your powder chasing dreams. Using the first-of-its-kind GORE-TEX Fabric with Stretch Technology in strategically placed panels, the Hemispheres truly maximizes mobility where it matters – across the back and along the hood of the jacket, and through the crotch of the bibs. Zack sums it up nicely in his walkthrough of the Men’s Hemispheres Jacket.

POWDER Magazine liked the Hemispheres so much, they created an award for it, naming the Hemispheres Jacket and Bibs their first ever Apparel of the Year 2019 for its “superior technical performance, durable waterproofing, and comfortable fit.” Their managing editor Sierra Davis even called the Women’s Hemispheres Bibs the “unicorn” for its outstanding female fit.

Backcountry Magazine also deemed this duo the best of the 2019 season with their Editors’ Choice Award, calling the Hemispheres “phenomenal protection from the elements.”

When our two freeride ski ambassadors set out to the backcountry of Mt. Baker to test the Hemispheres Jacket and Hemispheres Bibs, they knew they could expect harsh, damp weather, and that the rest of their gear had to keep up with the Hemispheres’ performance. That’s why our entire Freeride Ski Collection is loaded with outerwear, layers, and accessories built for:

  • Bomber durability: Abrasion-resistant materials that repel ice and harsh elements.
  • Soak-proof power: Waterproof technology ideal for the wettest environments.
  • Freedom of movement: Stretch-enhancing fabrics that let you reach, extend, and launch into any objective.

Rest assured, we’re here to stoke your journey with purpose-built gear for however you like to get out there. Discover your own perfect backcountry kit in our Fall 2018 Ski Collection.

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