So, you’ve landed a brand-new pair of Heated Gloves and are ready to launch into your upcoming cold weather adventure – right on! Before you take off, find out the best way to clean, maintain, and use your Heated Gloves to their full potential.

Extend the life of your AltiHeat™ batteries.

Each pair of Heated Gloves are only charged up to 30% battery life on the shelf. Maximize the performance of yours by following these easy steps:

(1) Charge batteries 8-12 hours right out of packaging. For best results, leave them plugged in overnight and ignore the ‘charged’ indicator light.

(2) Charge batteries every 3 months for long-term performance. Batteries left uncharged for over 6 months may lose functionality.

(3) Let us help. Sign up to be notified by email when it’s time to charge again. We’ll remind you every 3 months when it’s time to plug in.

You can adjust your glove’s heat level from low, to medium, to high depending on your activity. Here’s how long you can expect your gloves to last in each mode:

  • Low = 8 hours
  • Medium = 5 hours
  • High = 2.5 hours

Pro tip: It’s best to charge your gloves overnight. Depending on how drained the batteries are, they can take up to 7 hours to charge. Charging overnight means they’re ready to roll when you are.

Make sure you don’t completely drain your Heated Gloves and chuck them in the closet for several months during off season. Neglect like this is a surefire way to prematurely end their life. We suggest you charge them at minimum every 6 months. Charging batteries after each use is a good way to make sure they are ready for your next adventure.

How do I know if my batteries are fully charged? Follow our Light Indicator Guide:

  • Red = Batteries are charging
  • Flashing Red or Green = One battery is charging and the other is fully charged
  • Green = Batteries are 100% juiced and ready to go

Extend your warmth and time on the mountain.

Follow these simple tips to easily extend the life of your batteries outside:

  1. Set your glove heat to “low” – until you really need to crank it up to “high.”
  2. Turn your glove heat off when hands are warm, like working hard uphill. Preserving every bit of battery this way will ensure your gloves are charged when you really need them.
  3. Store your gloves safely in your backpack when not in

Clean your Heated Gloves the right way.

Only wash your Heated Gloves by hand, after you’ve removed each battery. You can spot clean with a damp cloth or hand wash in cold water with mild detergent. Do not wring out your gloves! Hang dry or dry flat before reconnecting the battery.

Safety 101: Tips on safely using your Heated Gloves

  1. Don’t machine wash your Heated Gloves. Washing machines bunch and wring clothing

and gloves which can lead to:

  1. Gloves fitting too tight and possible wire damage which can permanently

damage glove functionality.

  1. Movement of insulation and targeted warmth being compromised.
  2. Don’t buy gloves smaller than what you would normally wear. The wires powering each finger of your gloves are sensitive and can kink over time at the knuckle. Plus, more room within your gloves means more room for warm air to circulate, to wiggle fingers, or fit in a liner pair – all easy ways to add warmth.

Did you know? The batteries and wires in your Heated Gloves are encased in a protective coating and programmed to shut down should anything short circuit, for your safety.

Don’t worry about overcharging. Each set of batteries is meant to last over 500+ recharge cycles. If your glove batteries fail to fully recharge and the gloves have reduced heating times, you may want to replace the batteries.

Things to know about your Heated Gloves.

Your Heated Gloves will interfere with your avalanche beacon if turned on. If you are using an avalanche beacon, we recommend you either:

  1. Heat up your gloves beforehand, then turn them off before heading out, leaving your battery pack at home. The residual warmth in the gloves should keep them nice and toasty for a while.
  2. Use your gloves without the heated battery system, leaving it at home.

Sometimes after rigorous wear and tear the power button will disconnect from the fabric of the Heated Glove. If this happens, send us a description of what’s happening along with an image so we can work together on a solution.

Shop for charger and battery replacements right here. Out of stock? Our customer service team is here to help.

Something not working right for you? Check out our troubleshooting guide below, where you’ll find what to do if...

  • Your batteries are not holding their charge.
  • Your gloves show that they’re fully charged, but are not holding that charge.
  • You’re having connectivity issues between the glove and battery.

Safety Precautions

  • If you have problems sensing hot or cold objects (due to diabetes, Raynaud’s disease or similar) please consult your doctor before using these gloves.
  • Check your hands regularly for reddening of the skin. Excessive heat levels over prolonged periods can lead to burns.
  • Not for use by children.

WARNING! Do not use this heated glove in conjunction with avalanche beacons. Electrically heated gloves interfere with the performance of avalanche beacons, impairing your ability to conduct a search or be located.

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