Discover the active warmth, soft grid interior, and recycled content of Vigor Plus Fleece.

Finding the perfect midlayer to suit your winter needs can feel like a game of goldilocks. You need a layer that’s not too hot, not too cold, and that gives you the versatility to adjust based on weather and exertion, namely, how fast you feel like huffing it up that hill.

For years, the Vigor Collection of thermo-regulating fleece midlayers has swept hikers, climbers, skiers, and winter recreationalists up over its comfort and adaptability to a range of conditions. Their warm and wicking grid fleece manages temperature in quickly changing climates, making them an easy and versatile choice for the uncertainty of winter forecasts.

The Vigor midlayer became so popular, we knew there was a way to deliver more – more warmth, more substance, and more recycled content.

Enter Vigor Plus Fleece:

Futuristic comfort, warmth, and versatility, created out of 93% recycled fabrics. It is now our most breathable and stretchy midlayer, created especially for layering in the backcountry during winter months when staying warm and dry are critical.

This 93% recycled fleece is made out of a polyester in a woven construction that’s engineered for amazing stretch and mobility. Its warm, high-loft grid interior combines with a superior breathability that moves moisture during stop-and-go activities. Low-bulk, lightweight, and easy to layer, the Vigor Plus Fleece is sure to be a new winter staple.

Utilizing recycled materials is just one step of many that we’re taking to ensure our impact on the planet is a positive one. Learn more about our commitment to all people and the planet right here.

Today the Vigor Quarter Zip, Vigor Full Zip, and Vigor Hoodie are still very much important pieces of your outdoor toolkit, offering substantially lighter weight and easier packability than their Vigor Plus Fleece siblings. Plus, each of the original Vigor items are treated with ActiveTemp™ technology: The thermo-regulating smart fabric treatment that manages your body temperature to keep you cool, dry, and comfortable during high-exertion activities. ActiveTemp™ self-adjusts depending on your level of exertion, sweat, and temperature to actively regulate body heat between too hot and too cold. The harder you work, the more ActiveTemp™ works to keep you comfortable.

Get to know the thermo-regulating ActiveTemp™ technology used in key items of the Vigor Collection.

For active warmth, a soft grid interior, and recycled content that you can rely on during extreme temperatures swings, choose Vigor Plus Fleece.


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