What makes Ferrosi fabric a fan favorite, in everything from jackets to skirts?

Hundreds of glowing reviews tell us we got something right: Whether it’s a jacket, pants, shorts or skirt, if it’s made with Ferrosi soft shell fabric, people love it.

What makes people write about wanting to steal their partners’ Ferrosi Jackets? Or announce, “these are the only pants I own now”? Let’s take a look.

What exactly does soft shell mean, anyway?

This spring we are celebrating 12 years of Ferrosi. First launched in the spring/summer line of 2009, the Ferrosi Collection is the largest and most frequently awarded product collection from Outdoor Research. It grows season after season, and is favorited for its durable, lightweight, packable, and weather resistant jackets, pants, shorts, skorts, and capris.

Ferrosi hits the equilibrium of burliness and comfort, performance and versatility. Let’s dive in and see why so many adventurers choose Ferrosi time and time again.

Lightweight Packability

Balanced with the burliness is Ferrosi’s lightweight packability. Outdoor Research product developers went to great lengths to keep the weight of each of these pieces low, so that nothing about these pieces would slow you down. Plus, each article of clothing packs down small, making them easy to bring even on the more strict ounce-counting packing lists.

A mountain biker wears the Ferrosi Anorak.

DWR Weather Resistance

Ferrosi’s Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish gives it the resistance to weather you want from any piece of outerwear. Rain and snow will bead up and roll right off, giving you the confidence to forge ahead into uncertain forecasts. Speaking of keeping weather out, the new Ferrosi Thru Gaiters are the latest reimagination of this do-it-all fabric, in a protective gaiter design that keeps snow, dirt, and rocks from making its way into your shoes.

Of course, DWR can only protect you up to a certain point. For truly wet, unruly storms, you’ll want the trustworthy protection from our Rain Collection.

Breathable Comfort

“Comfort” might not sound technical, but when it comes to managing moisture - it certainly is. Ferrosi was designed for comfort in its ability to breathe. When moisture from sweat starts to build up, Ferrosi’s fabric exhales perspiration before you begin to feel damp. That means you can charge uphill on the trail, move to your next piece on the climb, or keep moving for another 10 miles without needing to add, remove, or switch out your layers.

Movement-Mirroring Stretch

Stretch is an extension of comfort - and it’s also important enough to stand on its own. The movement-mirroring stretch of the Ferrosi lets you move as naturally as if you weren’t wearing anything at all.

This statement has never rung as true as it does with the new Ferrosi Leggings, a long dreamed-of design that reimagines where, when, and how you can wear Ferrosi. These leggings are our most durable and technical yet, designed with engineered stretch that stays in place for rugged pursuits.

Sean Bailey wears the Ferrosi Anorak.Sean Bailey wears the Ferrosi Anorak.

Technical Durability

Above all else, Ferrosi is unique for its fabric makeup that gives the wearer rugged durability in rough conditions. Its 86% nylon provides beefy protection, and 14% spandex balances that out with the natural stretch to keep you moving. Ferrosi’s nylon stands up to abrasions and brushes with rock, thorns, and extended wear from rubbing against heavy harnesses or tight backpack straps and belts.

The Men’s Ferrosi Hoodie and Women’s Ferrosi Hoodie feature shoulders and lower sleeves that are reinforced with a Cordura® 120D stretch woven fabric for even more rugged protection against the elements on those key wear areas.


Ferrosi fits in wherever you bring it—in all four seasons—on snow, trail, rock or water. It performs when you have an objective, even if that’s emptying your inbox or relaxing with a fizzy beverage.

Of course, you don’t have to choose between the two - toggle your style back and forth between weekdays and weekends with the brand-new Men’s Ferrosi Anorak and Women’s Ferrosi Anorak for classic Ferrosi function in our most fun take on the collection yet.

The Ferrosi Collection is truly the “do-it-all” choice for any adventurer looking for durable and comfortable gear. And with more styles available every season, there’s always something to discover.

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