Possibly one of the best things we can get from Instagram is inspiration to be creative and to get outdoors. That's why these outdoorsy artists are the perfect addition to your feed. From ink to paper cuts to oils, these artists are using a wide variety of media to share the array of feelings and impressions that come from their time outdoors—be it skiing, climbing or coffee drinking. Give them a follow for heaps of inspiration—and maybe you'll even find the perfect gifts for the artsy outdoors-lovers in your life.


Rhiannon Klee @rhiannon_klee

Latasha Dunston @jitterbug_art

Lynn Suyeko Mandzuik @lynnzos

Jeremy Collins @jer.collins

Nikki Frumkin @drawntohighplaces

Ryan McNally @the.scorps

Andrea Slusarski @drawingfromnature

Noelle Phares @noellephares

John Fellows @jfellows56

Ali Hancock @whiskeyjackdesigns

Anna Brones @annabrones

Lindsey Fox @lefoxstudio

Jim Harris @gorgeous_storm

Emilie Lee @emilieleelee

Laurie Harding @laurie.harding

Hannah Eddy @hannaheddyart

Sarah Uhl @sarahvirginiauhl

Amanda Sandlin @atwildwoman

Claire Giordano @claireswanderings

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