Graham, Blake Herrington, Scott Bennett and Forest Woodward spent three weeks exploring granite in the Waddington Range, BC.

Injury. A word that many of us climbers and outdoors folk try to avoid thinking about. We strive to reduce our exposure, but there are always times when, in order to reach our goals, we must stick out our necks. And once in a while, this results in a major set back. 

Over a year ago I had an icicle collapse over me while ice climbing in the Southern Alps of New Zealand, in significant injuries. Earlier this fall, I made my return to the big mountains of the world with my good friends Scott, Blake and Forest. We headed into the Waddington range and had an amazing trip. It was the first time that I had felt confident and healed since getting squashed so many months before. This is a short film documenting that journey. Huge thanks to all the folks who were so integral to my recovery and huge thanks to Blake, Scott, and Forest for being such rad partners in such a beautiful range. 

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