Hometown: Boise, ID
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​Growing up hiking and skiing, Teresa’s love affair with nature is a credit to her parents who first took her camping at six-months old. Discovering climbing and backpacking in her 20’s, she soon found herself requiring a bigger gear-garage than living space.

Nowadays, her favorite trips start at dawn, leave dirt near-permanently etched into her hands, stun her silent with gorgeous views and are shared with her best friends and her dog, Maile The Great. Teresa successfully climbs 5.Fun, makes great instant coffee cocoa in the backcountry, and, as a native Seattle-ite, can build fires with soggy forest detritus.

She is also good at hiking for long periods of time with a heavy pack very, very slowly. Recently, Teresa followed her heart to Idaho and now calls Boise home. Fueled by coffee, fresh air, solid rock, and good storytelling, she believes handwritten mail is a lost art and is attempting to revive it, one postcard at a time. snarkybumbler.blogspot.com.

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