This gallery was inspired by GQ's climbing and fashion photo shoot from Joshua Tree National Park. If you haven't seen it yet, we strongly encourage you to check it out, ideally side by side with this gallery.

You’ve seen it at the bouldering gym, and maybe even on the runway—that outdoorsy look is so hot right now. But that’s nothing like seeing these outfits in action, in the wild. So we took three A-number-1 climbers and some adorable friends out for a weekend jaunt where all the far-out cool kids go—Vantage.

Why would you risk life and limb just to get to the top of a 50-foot high cliff? “Well, I thought, there must be more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking,” said male model Cyle G, “and when I started watching climbing, I realized this was it.”


Maybe that’s why millions of people are taking up climbing—they’re tired of just looking good in their active wear indoors. They want more.

“I just really like being able to hang around on the rocky crag and show off my cool climbing clothes, instead of just the gym,” said Kjersti C. “And there are always cute boys, just sitting around half naked watching us. Usually they’re just hanging out in the cars, keeping our beer cold and waiting to give us foot massages after a long day of sending hard. But sometimes, they even let us hose them down or splash around in a river and get super sexy. It’s pretty cool.”

Vest from Goodwill Thrift Store ($5). Tank from International Climbers Festival (complimentary)

Boots (borrowed directly from our cowboy friend).

Ruffled dress shirt (part of previous Halloween costume, $15)

Pool floatie - Therm-A-Rest $125.


Photography by Elise Giordano.

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