The best cold weather running gear for winter outside – and how to layer with beanies, gloves, and more.

One of the joys of running is that you can do it all year long, through any weather, temperature, and time of the day. For colder months, that just means planning a little extra strategy in order to keep comfortable and safely warm.

Find the best clothing and accessories for cold weather running gear right here.

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Best Base and Mid Layers for Winter Running

Keeping your core warm is just as important as keeping it dry. Choose a base layer and mid layer that’s substantial enough to hold in heat, but breathable enough to let out sweat before it can cool you down.

·       Alpine Onset Merino Collection are going to be your go-to base layers for winter running. These merino wool tops and bottoms are designed to be worn under all other layers, next to skin. Merino wool is naturally breathable, moisture-wicking, warm, and works well when paired with the right mid and outer layers, too.

·       The Vigor Collection make great midlayers for layering over a base and under a jacket. This warm and wicking grid back fleece adds just enough weight without overheating you. The quarter-zip is a best seller and works great for skiing and hiking, too.

·       Women’s Melody Collection and Men’s Baritone Collection are both made of a buttery-soft fabric that’s enhanced with performance-forward features when you’re moving fast. These are our most versatile layers – they can be worn on their own as a base layer, layered under a jacket as a mid layer, or thrown over a fleece as an outer layer.

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Best Jackets for Winter Running

On the coldest of cold days, selecting the right jacket and outer layers for your running regimen will get you through to the finish line.

·       Shadow Insulated Vest and Hoodie are great synthetic insulation layers that will keep you warm without holding onto the wetness you might build up from sweat. Sustainably crafted with recycled and bio-based materials, these outer layers are great for tackling cold temps.

·       Helium Wind Hoodie is best for warmer winter days when you want a light shell to fend off wind and weather. Plus, each embedded pocket makes it easy to keep your valuables close at hand.

·       Motive AscentShell Jacket uses our exclusive, award-winning AscentShell™ 3L waterproof protection to keep you dry from the inside out on wet winter runs. Grab this if you plan on moving fast in snow or rain.


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Best Pants and Leggings for Winter Running

You’ll likely want to have every inch of skin covered in the winter, which means pants and leggings that trap warmth while letting out excess heat.

·       Men’s Vigor Bottoms and Women’s Vigor Bottoms are made with a warm and wicking grid back fleece and thermo-regulating ActiveTemp™ technology that manages your body temperature in quickly changing climates. These can be worn as a midlayer or outer layer depending on your comfort level, the wind forecast, and the chill factor.

·       Women’s Methow Leggings are fleece-lined, which makes them great for burly warmth. Their weather resistant exterior wards off wind and rain without compromising on breathability. These are our warmest winter running leggings.

·       Women’s Melody 7/8 Leggings are our favorite year-round leggings made with best-selling Melody fabric and thermo-regulating ActiveTemp™ technology that keeps you cool, dry, and comfortable all winter long.


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Best Gloves for Winter Running

Fleece gloves and liners will quickly become your best friends on long winter runs. Each of these pairs are so light and pack so small, you'll carry an extra pair or two in your running vest or hip belt every time.

·       Men’s Versaliner Gloves and Women’s Versaliner Gloves are a two-in-one liner glove + shell glove combo that are great for adapting mid-run. A zippered stowaway pocket on the back of hand securely holds onto your shell gloves when not in use, and is conveniently the perfect size for hand warmers on colder days.

·       Merino 150 Sensor Liners, like their matching tops and bottoms, pack all the punch of merino wool into a liner glove. Odor resistant, breathable, wicking, and warmth that doesn’t hold onto the sweat and smells of other fabrics.

Men’s Vigor Midweight Gloves and Women’s Vigor Midweight Gloves are our most popular fleece liner, complete with the same thermo-regulating ActiveTemp™ technology as their midlayer tops. These gloves have an anti-slip silicone grip on the palm and a glove clip, making them the best fleece running gloves.

Best Headwear Accessories and Hats for Winter Running

When you lose warmth around your face, neck, and head, you feel it fast. Add these accessories to add comfort to the coldest runs.

·       Alpine Onset Merino Ubertube is another favorite from this merino wool collection. Soft, itch-free, naturally odor-resistant and moisture-managing, this neck gaiter can be worn multiple ways to cover your neck, ears, chin, and more.

·       GORE-TEX Infinium Ear Band is a classic windproof design that holds in warmth while the wind is whipping around you.

·       Alpine Onset Merino Beanie is our best beanie for winter running. Its low-profile design lets you pull a hood over the top, and its light weight ensures you won’t overheat.

·       The Vigor Beanie is a bit more substantial, holding in warmth while its ActiveTemp™ tech regulates your body’s internal thermometer.


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Best Face Covers and Filters for Winter Running

When you’re venturing into crowded outdoor trails, always be prepared and protected with these pieces from the Essential Coverage collection.

·       Essential Bandana Kit is easy to pull on and off as the crowds grow and thin around you. The bandana is breathable, washable, and highly packable, and it comes with three filters that you can change out and replace after heavy use.

·       Adrenaline Sports Face Cover Kit is our most breathable face cover for exercising with uninhibited ease. Adjustable, washable, and complete with a 3-pack of filters, this is the best face cover for running out on the trail or indoors at the gym.

·       Save 50% on all Face Covers and Filters – now for a limited time only. This is your best bet for re-upping on your supply of Essential Filters so you have a fresh filter for each run.

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