Women's Wilderness

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Women’s Wilderness is a 501c3 nonprofit organization founded in 1998 in Boulder, Colorado. Women's Wilderness takes a gender-expansive and intersectional approach to lead people in the outdoors because significant gender barriers still exist in the U.S. to accessing both outdoor recreation and sports broadly. Girls participate in outdoor recreation at significantly lower rates than boys (Outdoor Fdn, 2017). When considering race, sexuality, socioeconomics, and other intersectional discriminations, opportunities to be outside and feeling free are even fewer.

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Women’s Wilderness is not alone in achieving their mission. They have a shared interest in expanding access to the outdoors and facilitating personal transformation through the outdoors with progressive companies and individuals. They engage with a diverse range of partners to take action on our shared interests.


Donations from people who believe in the power of the outdoor experience fuel their work. Your investments put boots on girls, give scholarships and enable them to exist.


It’s easy to say “the outdoors doesn’t discriminate” if you’ve never faced discrimination yourself.

For Outdoor Research Ambassador Monserrat Alvarez Matehuala, bringing her full identity as a woman of color to rock climbing has been both challenging and healing. That’s why she’s building safe, women-of-color-led experiences to empower others in the outdoors. Meet the faces behind Women’s Wilderness who lead programs like the Trailblazers to further Monserrat’s dream of empowering others, and create a more inclusive climbing community for all.

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