Hometown: North Conway, NH
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​It was the 1981 Toughen Up Majka Campaign that transitioned Majka away from her tiara and toward a life outside. What her Polish father started, climbing finished, and Majka was climbing and guiding with every spare moment when she was 19 and full time at 21.

From African rock ascents to mixed lines in New England, Majka’s passion lies in the moment when adventures goes beyond exploration and toward understanding. She’s a full-time climber, author of two books, a filmmaker, a poodle owner, and has an uncanny knack for blending vertical exploration with multi-stage international ventures focused on current issues of cultural and global significance. Majka took her first leader fall on a pink tri-cam and her second on a brown one, and now seems oddly more comfortable above a micro-nut than a bolt.

One day she vows to go back and send The Gunks’ 5.6 Baby- the site of that first whipper. Majka is a recent import to North Conway, NH after living a decade and a half in Colorado. The name? Say it “My-ka.” Read more at www.majkaburhardt.com

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