We asked Facebook to recommend conversation topics for a grueling hike. When prompted, nearly 80 people shared their answers. As it turns out, we’ve talked about some pretty crazy stuff to keep our mind off the grind. The four most common answers given were pooping, bears, relationships and food. And now for the Verticulture Top 10!

10. Challenge your group to name the presidents in chronological order. Double points for getting Chester A. Arthur -Verticulture Editor

9. How to identify edible, wild plants and fungus. – Ken K.

8. What’s your favorite Crayon color? – Matt L. (We prefer “Wild Blue Yonder”)

7. Discussion on weirdest places one had sex. –Chris Z.

6. Gear. My friends and I are always contemplating our next purchase and swapping notes, pros and cons. -Paul K.

5. How humans can win during the Zombie Apocalypse. -Megan Y

4. How many Chipotle burritos we’re gonna slay after. –Greg M. (Nice  use of ‘slay’)

3. I like posing riddles to my hiking partners. –Christian M.

2. Shut up and keep walking. –Trevor H. (Most ‘Liked’ answer)

1. If I was getting a tattoo, what, where and why. -Ike D. (Seriously, try this one out!)

The entire collection can be found here.

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