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Every Pattern Has a Story, and Every Tribe, its own Traditions

Partnering with Indigenous Artists

Indigenous tribes in rural India have been creating art for thousands of years, but only recently has this art been made available to widespread communities. For the last three seasons, we’ve partnered with Roots Studio to bring this art to life in some of our best-selling outdoor products.

We chose to work with Roots Studio because they lease this artwork directly from indigenous artists to brands like us in the U.S. This allows us to support the artists through a business partnership so that they can continue to grow their supplies, share their stories, and thrive as members of a global economy.

By purchasing a Roots Studio Collaboration product, you’re supporting a sustainable livelihood that brings a stream of revenue to these artists rather than a one-time sale. You are also furthering the reach of global trade with a community that would otherwise be isolated, and celebrating the talent of these artists.

About the Artists


The Warli Tribe has been creating art for thousands of years in Maharashtra, India. But with urbanization, only a few Warli artists remain. Their depictions and motifs are strongly rooted into their agrarian way of life, depicting traditional fables, rituals, and daily life.


The Gondi people make up one of the largest tribal groups in India, largely hailing from Madhya Pradesh. Their paintings, known as Godnas, were formerly tattoos that were passed down matrilineally. They have been used as a way to record history, decorate the walls and floors of their houses, and as a form of respect and reverence for the spirits that inhabit their natural surroundings.

About Roots Studio

Roots Studio enables rural artists to participate in the global economy without having to be in an urban center. They believe that traditional art is special, unique, and worth holding on to, which is why their goal is to allow craft communities to thrive and survive in this new, globalized world.

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