International Consumers

How do I make a purchase?

  • does not ship outside of the US or Canada. Purchases made with international payment or shipping via freight forwarders are not allowed and will be voided. Purchases made from US or Canada dealers shipping to international locations are unauthorized and are not eligible for warranty replacement, returns or assistance.
  • Find a store near you and purchase from your local shop!
  • Contact your local distributor for more information on product availability in your area.

What do I do if I have a Warranty request?

The Infinite Guarantee covers your gear throughout the lifetime of the product. Consumer protection laws vary depending on the country and regional distributors uphold the spirit of the Infinite Guarantee to the best of their abilities. Ultimately, Outdoor Research stands behind its International Distributor partners and the local warranties they uphold. Our direct warranty support only covers shipping addresses within the US and Canada that are not freight forwarder locations. We do not offer repairs and we do not ship replacements outside of the US and Canada. 


Returns must be routed through the Retailer the item was originally purchased from.