Outdoor Research Films use media as a vehicle to tell stories of real people, community members, ambassadors for change, and non-profit partners who challenge us to do better, and think together.

Any Fool Knows

Outdoor Research founder Ron Gregg died in an avalanche in Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park, B.C. while backcountry skiing on March 17, 2003. His relentless passion for immersing himself in what he called "The Big Office" gave him first-hand insights on building outdoor gear that outperformed other gear available on the market while allowing him to be away from his desk and doing the outdoor activities he loved as much as possible.

In early 2023, 20 years after Ron’s accident, Outdoor Research ambassadors Mark Abma, Neil Provo, Ian Provo, and Zach Giffin traveled to British Columbia last winter to retrace Gregg's steps. What began as a seasonal photoshoot evolved into a compelling narrative––a project that prompted Gregg's friends and family to share insights into his legacy while sparking a broader discussion about the role of risk-taking in the winter backcountry while pursuing the experiences and emotions that make people feel alive.


Last winter was a weird one out West. A strong start followed by a prolonged lull left many skiers rushing to finish their parts before the snow faucet shut off for the season. Luckily, Mother Nature had a late season change of heart and delivered the goods in March and April, leading to some of the best conditions of the entire winter.

With the clock ticking and the snow piling up, Outdoor Research ambassadors Sophia Rouches, Micah Evangelista, and company loaded up the rig. They headed to the hallowed terrain of Alta, UT, Mt. Baker, WA, and BC, Canada, where untouched pillow lines, heart-thumping road gaps, and miles of gorgeous skin track awaited their arrival.

Proof of Concept

Introducing 'Proof of Concept', a new film about Outdoor Research Ambassador and pro climber, @steezybailey (Sean Bailey). Up against the toughest route he'd ever attempted, Sean pushed himself to new limits and completes the third ascent of Bibliographie, 5.15c. This film dives into Sean's career as a pro climber, and how he uses both success and failure to fuel his climbing and push himself to new limits.


What would it mean to be the best skier in the world if skiing was all you had in life? That question is part of what motivates Outdoor Research ambassadors Zack Giffin and Micah Evangelista.  
Zack’s craft as a carpenter gives him a sense of gratitude that puts his life as a pro skier in a broader perspective. He says it’s made his career as a skier—which is also an art in its own way—more sustainable. And when he watches Micah, a young skier and chef following in his footsteps on Koma Kulshan (Mount Baker), he sees a similar work ethic that’s built a foundation much broader than his exceptional skiing skills.  
Whether they’re on the mountain or in their respective workplaces, Zack and Micah are honing a craft, sharpening their skills—and looking to create lives with meaning beyond sport. Watch them now in Craft.

The Big Office

Gregg Treinish couldn’t get past the question: How can I add purpose to my outdoor adventures?  
In 2011 he founded Adventure Scientists. Since then, the Bozeman, Mont.-based nonprofit has been connecting all kinds of adventurers with the tools they need to collect data for important scientific research.  
As scientists scramble to understand our changing climate, what could happen if anyone who loves the outdoors could contribute to crucial scientific research? Adventure Scientists is finding out.


It’s easy to say “the outdoors doesn’t discriminate” if you’ve never faced discrimination yourself.

For Monserrat Alvarez Matehuala, bringing her full identity as a woman of color to rock climbing has been both challenging and  healing. That’s why she’s building safe, women-of-color-led experiences to empower others in the outdoors.


In March of 2020 the world changed and with it, all aspects of our lives. Walking a knife’s edge of known and unknown, we learned what - and who - was truly essential.