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Lightweight, Breathable, Stretchy UPF 30-50+ Protection

Named after the legendary route in Yosemite Valley, the Astroman Sun Hoodie features our best-selling lightweight, stretchy, and durable Astroman fabric for long days on the wall, hiking, paddling, and backpacking. AirVent technology on the back yoke allows superb airflow and breathability, and built-in UPF 30-50+ sun protection protects skin from harmful UV rays. The Astroman's lightweight, quick-drying fabric is soft next to the skin and delivers the durability required for active outdoor pursuits. The hoodie version excels at protecting ears and the back of the neck while controlling windblown hair and fitting easily underneath a helmet. For sunny day outdoor activities where staying shaded and cool is critical, the Astroman Sun Hoodie is an elite performance top.

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