Check out our glove guide for the best digital protection this winter.

When it comes to keeping your hands warm, there are a lot of options out there. And while many jackets and pairs of pants can perform like a catch-all, when it comes to gloves and mitts, it’s oftentimes most effective to find a pair specific to each activity. Winter workmanship requires durability and dexterity, while skiing and snowboarding requires warmth and weather protection. Everyday protection needs to focus on the bare essentials, and endeavors in the alpine and on ice is a whole different story. Check out our glove guide below for keeping your digits warm and protected throughout each of your winter activities.

Best for Snow, Ski, and Ride: The Carbide Collection


The Carbide Sensor Mitts, Women’s Carbide Sensor Gloves, and Men’s Carbide Sensor Gloves were developed in partnership with Arcade® belts, renowned for their durable, stretchy belts best suited for outdoor adventure. Now for the first time ever, you can get that same elastic webbing as a wrist cinch on each of our Carbide Gloves and Mitts. Simply pull on, cinch up, and move in stride.

A skier wears the Carbide Sensor Gloves.A skier wears the Carbide Sensor Gloves.

What makes the Carbide stand out in a sea of skiing and snowboarding glove and mitt options, are a few key factors:

  • A GORE-TEX® waterproof insert keeps wetness from snow and weather off of your hands.
  • VerticalX™ insulation on your back-of-hand adds reliable warmth for bitterly cold days.
  • A durable leather palm grips poles with ease, and buffers your hands from impact.
  • Touchscreen compatibility ensures you don’t need to sacrifice warmth and protection for the occasional swipe or dial on your phone.

Learn more about the new Outdoor Research x Arcade collab, and complete your sk & ride kit with the Carbide Jacket and Bibs.

Best for Alpine and Ice Climbing: The Aerogel Collection


The Women’s BitterBlaze and Men’s BitterBlaze Aerogel Gloves are our two highest rated, best-selling gloves with Aerogel technology that key in on the dexterity, durability, and warmth required for alpine and ice climbing. Such precise movements and grip on tools is paramount to completing safe and successful objectives, and your handwear shouldn’t be underestimated.

An ice climber wears the Bitterblaze Gloves.An ice climber wears the Bitterblaze Gloves.

Some of the reasons you’ll appreciate the BitterBlaze Gloves for hearty alpine endeavors are:

  • Above all, these gloves are beloved for their Aerogel technology: The compression-resistant thermal barrier that is used and trusted in NASA space travel.
  • A GORE-TEX® waterproof insert keeps your hands dry and weather-free.
  • A snug, precision-fit design ensures you can move your fingers naturally and easily manage ropes, tools, and pieces of protection without the distraction of cold or bulk.

Learn more about Aerogel Technology, and complete your head-to-toe winter warmth kit with other items from the Aerogel Collection like booties, beanies, and more.

Best for Winter Work: The Leather Work Glove Collection


The Merino Work Gloves are by and far our favorite leather gloves for winter woodwork, carpenting, and outdoor chores. Think of a work glove built for colder environments, like loading and unloading a snowmobile, and these gloves fit the bill. Nice and toasty, without the bulk you get from fleece, these merino gloves fit better than anything you’ve ever tried on in the snow.

A snowboarder wears the Deming Sensor gloves.A snowboarder wears the Deming Sensor gloves.

Ways we’ve made the Merino Work Gloves precisely made for your winter to-do list:

  • Dexterity delivered by an all-over real deer leather construction.
  • Delicate warmth that wicks sweat and dries quickly, provided by a merino wool lining.
  • Rugged reinforcement from Alpen-Wool™ Plus 2L wool, polyester, and nylon blend complements the leather and merino design.

Find even more durably warm work glove options when you shop all Leather Work Gloves.

Best for Everyday Protection: The Protective Essentials Collection


The Protective Essential Lightweight Gloves and Protective Essential Midweight Liner Gloves are both treated with celebrated HEIQ® V-BLOCK technology, rendering them resistant to spoilage from microbes, and making them our top choice for essential protection whenever you leave your home. These are handy for places when you’re faced with unavoidable touchpoints at gas stations, grocery stores, or while using touchless technology.

A rock climber wears the Protective Essentials Lightweight Gloves.A rock climber wears the Protective Essentials Lightweight Gloves.

The most important things to know about these gloves and how they protect you for everyday errands:

  • Gloves can be laundered up to 30 times while maintaining 100% of the HEIQ® V-BLOCK performance, for long-lasting peace of mind.
  • Touchscreen compatibility on the thumb and index finger lets you stay in touch on your phone, or tap away on a public monitor, without sacrificing protection.
  • A durable synthetic suede palm adds grip so you can drive, clutch, and carry on with a natural hand.

Learn more about our entire Protective Essentials Collection, and shop the original, best-selling Face Mask to complete your kit for everyday protection.

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