Inspired, tested, and trusted by the Outdoor Research athlete team, the Hemispheres Jacket and Bibs make up the bomber ski collection built to protect you in the harshest elements on Earth. Loaded with weatherproof, breathable, and movement-enhancing design details, the Hemispheres’ feature list is longer than Mt. St. Elias’ 18,000 foot ski run.

Even so, we picked out some of our favorites to show you. Here are the top ten hidden features of the Hemispheres Collection that are going to revolutionize the way you play in the backcountry.

Men’s Hemispheres Jacket and Women’s Hemispheres Jacket

(1) Helmet Compatible, Wire-Brimmed Halo Hood: The hood of your Hemispheres Jacket does more than just keep snow out of your face when you’re crushing it downhill. The Wire-Brimmed Halo Hood adds structure and stays out of your way when you aren’t wearing anything underneath, while its Helmet Compatibility adjusts to accommodate any sized ski helmet.

(2) Internal Media Pocket: It’s easier than ever to stay connected to your tunes, or your peace of mind, with the pass-through hole of our Internal Media Pocket. Thread your headphones from the outside in to keep wires warm and freeze-free, or use this slot to let your mobile battery pack juice up your phone while you’re working on the slopes.

(3) Shove-It™ Pockets: These dual internal pockets do more than their name suggests. Not only can you store larger items inside your jacket without much more than a simple shove, but by keeping gear close, you’ll keep it free of thawing. Use these pockets to keep your goggles, electronics, extra gloves, and other temperature-sensitive items warm and functional.

(4) TorsoFlo™ Hem-to-Pit Venting: Simply the best mechanical venting for a fully waterproof construction, TorsoFlo™ Hem-to-Pit Venting opens the Hemispheres Jacket completely on both sides for poncho-style ventilation. A snap tab at the hem holds your jacket in place when you’re fully ventilated, while dual zippers let you adjust the length of your vent depending on the weather, and how hard you’re working.

(5) Stretch Panels: You have to feel it to believe the incredible elasticity, dexterity, and movement provided by the all new GORE-TEX Fabric with Stretch Technology. We’ve strategically placed this material where you move most – including along your underarms and across your upper back. Plus, stretch panels across the hood keep your head and neck fully mobile (even while wearing a helmet) without the need to unzip your jacket.


Men’s Hemispheres Bibs and Women’s Hemispheres Bibs

(6) Drop Seat: Based on endless athlete feedback, we’ve added something special to the Hemispheres Bibs: A drop seat that lets you relieve yourself when nature calls without the need to fully undress or remove your bib straps. The right side of your bibs has a zipper that extends all the way to the top of your bib for easy, breezy access.

(7) Avalanche Beacon Pocket with Clip: We’re stepping up to enhance your safety with an internal clip featured in the lower right hand pocket of the Hemispheres Bibs. Designed to hold the leash of an avalanche beacon, and located in one of the most comfortable and out-of-the-way spots on your lower body, the Avalanche Beacon Pocket and Clip is the quintessential safety feature we wouldn’t make a backcountry piece without.

(8) Stretch Back and Gusset Panels: The same GORE-TEX Fabric with Stretch Technology that you’ll find on the Hemispheres Jacket has been injected into the Bibs, so you can step, stretch, and skin your way into your next ski objective. Movement-enhancing Stretch Back and Gusset Panels allow you to move freely within an all-over waterproof shell that’s just as breathable as it is bomber.

(9) Zippered Outer Thigh Vents: When things heat up, it’s time to zip down. Each Zippered Outer Thigh Vent open easily to release the warmth that builds up during high-exertion activities, and close completely to seal out precipitation and cold gusts. The left zipper has a standard knee-to-hip length, while the right zipper zips down completely for the Drop Seat feature, with a snap tab at the top to keep your bibs from flapping open during activity.  

(10) Stretch-Mesh Internal Gaiter with Power Strap Slot: Both pant legs of the Hemispheres Bibs feature a Stretch-Mesh Internal Gaiter that secure around your ski or mountaineering boot to ward off debris. For extra reassurance, you can run the power strap of your ski boot through a slot in the gaiter to ensure your pant legs stay down and snow stays out.

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